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NATA is Open!

2012-04-15 23:52:50 by NATA

NATA has begun! If you get past the open round in 25 days, you'll be entered into the brackets and get $15, and the prizes only get higher from there!

TOFA is now NATA! The NewGrounds Annual Tournament of Animation begins on April 16! Check out the prizes on the Rules pages on the website, also the calendar of dates, brackets, and more! Also now accepting donations.

Last Chance to Donate / Round 2 Winners!

2011-07-11 00:13:36 by NATA

The Winners of Round 2 are decided!

* Dave Bruno
* Sandwich Eater
* Elfman Rox
* Lazy Mode Comics

Congratulations to them! Round 3 is now open with the theme "Divide by Zero". Entries will be due August 4th.

Also, this is the FINAL CALL for Donations to TOFA 2011! We still haven't hit our goal of $2,000 in prizes, so if you'd like to help us make that possible, just CLICK HERE to donate. You can also click on the "Donate" button on the TOFA Website

Round 1 Winners!!

2011-06-13 00:34:23 by NATA

The Winners are in!

And the winners of Round 1 are...

** Dave Bruno
** Fungasm
** Sandwich Eater
** PinkSkull
** SomeplaceElse
** Elfman Rox
** Lazy Mode Comics*
** Mark-er

* The match between Lazy Mode Comics and coughing dog was a tie, and the winner is then determined by the highest score in the "Artwork" category. If that is also a tie, the entrant with the highest score in the "Animation" category wins, and so on.

Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to our winners and best of luck next year to all others.

All information, scores, and updated brackets are now on the TOFA Website and the Round 1 Page.

Round 2 will be posted in the Animation forum very soon!

Guaranteed entry into TOFA!

2011-05-12 17:52:44 by NATA

Attention! Of the 32 slots for the Tournament of Flash Artists, only a few have entered! This would be an excellent time to put any simple flash movie together and enter, and basically be guaranteed to be in the tournament brackets!! The tournament winner will recieve $1000< in cash, Adobe Software, and a spot in the Tank Awards.

Please link your entries here: 44411

Only 6 Hours Remain

TOFA Open Round!

2011-04-25 01:40:05 by NATA

TOFA has begun! The Open Round is here: 44411 44411 44411

Animate a flash to the theme of "Create a Game Show"! 44411 44411 44411

10 Days until TOFA!

2011-04-15 15:39:58 by NATA

It's almost here!!

On April 25th, a forum topic will be posted in Animation detailing the time limit and theme of the Open Round of the Tournament of Flash Artists 2011.

The winner of the tournament will recieve the bulk of donated prizes (currently including $1679 and a copy of Adobe Premiere and After Effects, as well as a guaranteed spot in the Tank Awards.

See you then!

25 Days until TOFA Begins

2011-03-31 14:48:40 by NATA

I hope you're all well practiced and ready, the Tournament to decide the best animator is beginning in 25 days. On April 25th, a post will be made announcing the Theme of the Open Round. Only the top 32 entries will enter the tournament.

Anticipations and discussion can be made here: 30500

$321 More to go

2011-03-22 18:28:01 by NATA

To reach our goal of $2,000 in prizes for the Tournament of Flash Artists this year, we only need $321 more in donations. The contest will begin on April 25th, just about a month away. The top 32 NG-scored entries will make it into the Tournament brackets, and the top winner of the brackets will be declared the Champion of Flash Artists.

Epic show-offs between great animators will be seen, and only one will surface at the top.

Donations can be made here:
cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RS3MA6J CR5YCL

or to the paypal email

Thanks, and I'll see you in a month!

The TOFA $2000

2011-03-12 01:09:05 by NATA

The Tournament of Flash Artists is about a month away, and I'd like to announce that NewGrounds is kindly donating $1,500 to the prize pool!

The Tournament's total goal of prizes is $2,000. I am putting in $100, and we have recieved $75 in donations from Mark-er and ThorClodofBlunders. We only need $325 to reach our goal!

cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RS3MA6J CR5YCL

If anyone has trouble with the paypal process, the paypal address can be used. 100% of donations go to the prize pool help encourage people to make awesome original animations.

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