NATA Open Round Entries!

2014-05-26 18:00:34 by NATA

You can now view all accepted entries on the NATA site!

The NG Collection is managed by Tom, and doesn't reflect which entries have been accepted or not - there were 74 entries so they were probably missed but will be added sure, I'm sure.

We have 2 judges' scores in! Waiting on 3 more...

Also, remember the IndieGoGo only goes for 2 more days! We are still $600 short of our fundraising last year, so keep spreading the word!

Coming soon on the NATA site: A shop! Keep your eyes peeled for that...


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2014-05-26 19:57:27

Nice. I'm still working on mine, I'm hoping today is the last day, then I'll upload the finished piece on the portal. :)

I like how there are thumbnails now. BY THE WAY. Who chose the thumbnails?!?!


2014-05-26 20:43:00

Can't remember how it worked other years, but are the scores revealed as soon as they're ready, or when the next round starts?