NATA 2012 Champion is EMROX!

2012-10-15 15:32:05 by NATA

Congratulations to the 2012 Champion of Animation, Emrox!

All information can be found here:

See you all next year :)


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2012-10-15 15:57:48

Well deserved, really. Both rocked though!


2012-10-15 16:19:56

Both guys really poured tons of effort and strife into this tournament, creating sterling flash animations; which only makes it tragic to see only one win. Congratulations, Emrox!


2012-10-15 16:50:21

i really enjoyed seeing these animations :D


2012-10-15 18:32:09



2012-10-15 19:30:03

*increasingly fasterclap*


2012-10-15 20:16:19

CONGRATS TO EMROX! Totally deserved it.


2012-10-16 04:13:20

Nice job dude!!


2012-10-16 06:43:09

This might be a bit nit-picky and down-buzzy, but I math'd it like 5 times and Pahgawk's total should be 81.

Either way, it was pretty close!

NATA responds:

Good catch, I mistyped his total originality score as 15 instead of 16. If you look, all of the other numbers add up correctly. (including the average of his originality score, which is 4)
Fixed it regardless. Thanks!


2012-10-16 13:41:26

Good competition over all. Would be cool to pull some of the people that participated in this year's comp as possible judges for the next one. I feel that having judges that understand the trials and effort that gos into pushing out an animation in this particular context could be worthwhile.

Also I felt it ran kinda long. I could sense the last few animators so beaten and bruised by the 6 month commitment that people start to deflate and start hallucinating and going crazy. RIP pahgawk and BPremo.

NATA responds:

We already have a tradition of the champion being a judge for the next year, just as Dave Bruno judged this year. Perhaps pulling the runner-up as judge would be a good idea as well.

And yes, I already have a plan on how to shorten it considerably next year.


2012-10-16 14:49:08

Damn... I've been Pahgawk throughout the entire thing...
Grats to Emrox!